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Big Bolt Corporation
Company Profile  
Headquartered in Bloomingdale, Illinois, Big Bolt has been supplying high-quality specialty fasteners since 1975. Our efficient, 110,000 square foot facility is just minutes away from one of the world's busiest airports, and our versatile machining facilities can provide next-day manufacturing, even on custom orders.

Big Bolt is the largest fastener machine shop in the United States. Our business is to supply special fasteners not found "off the shelf". Our large inventory of blanks and finished product coupled with our 20 hour a day manufacturing allows us to ship any fastener on a rush basis.

Terms & Conditions

$75.00 minimum on stock items

$100.00 minimum on manufactured items

15% restocking charge on returns of stock items within 30 days

All manufactured items are considered special orders and are not subject to return

All items returned in original container for traceability purposes

Orders plated by customer not subject to return

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Phone: (800) 323-0696
Fax: (630) 539-9480
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